The Espresso Service


Excluding Parts. Usually ideal for leisure bicycles or new ones.

  • Full safety check
  • Frame and fork alignment checked
  • Gears and Brakes adjusted
  • Drivetrain lubricated and inspected for wear
  • Wheels and tyres checked for wear and damage
  • Cosmetic Valet

The Flat White Service


Recommended every 3-9 months

Includes Espresso Service and more:


  • Wheels trued and tensioned both laterally and radial
  • Bearings checked for wear and free rotation adjusted if needed
  • Wheels inspected for damage or wear
  • Headset

  • Checked for play and smooth rotation. Adjusted if needed
  • Bottom Bracket

  • Inspected for play and smooth rotation, adjusted if applicable.
  • Drivetrain

  • Removed, cleaned, inspected and fitted.
  • Gears indexed and brakes adjusted with new cables fitted.

The Luxury Service with sprinkles


Include Flat white service and more:

A full strip down to the frame and its forks. Excluding any additional parts.

Frame Cleaned and checked for alignment, threads cleaned.

Forks cleaned and inspected.


  • Hubs stripped, inspected, cleaned, greased, and rebuilt (bearings can be supplied and fitted if required)
  • Removed, cleaned, greased and refitted (new headset can be fitted and supplied if required)
  • Bottom Bracket

  • Removed, cleaned, greased and refitted. (new bottom bracket fitted and supplied if required)

General Repairs